Pumped Serum Lofi Hip Hop Essentials

Jan 23 2023 | 49.8 MB

People often think of Serum as a tool for the heavier genres, but it can create incredible Lofi sounds as well! And here's proof -- Pumped Serum Lofi Hip Hop from W.A. Production!

Our professional sound designers have spent hours creating the perfect set of presets that utilize all of Serum's amazing functionality with that classic Lofi Hip Hop sound. If you're looking to break through in this genre, this pack will help get you there faster, so get your copy today and be amazed!

Included are presets from the following sample packs:

♪ What about: Lofi Illusion
♪ What about: Lofi Hip Hop Fantasy
♪ What about: Lofi Hip Hop Daydream

Product details: 125 Serum Presets



By longu

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