Pumped Serum Lofi Hip Hop Essentials 2

Jan 23 2023 | 32.7 MB

Whether you listen to it while studying, driving, chilling, or partying, it is undeniable that Lofi Hip Hop has become a staple of modern music. But having the right sounds is key to creating a Lofi Hip Hop track that will resonate with your audience, so that's why we're bringing you Pumped Serum Lofi Hip Hop 2 Essentials!

Pumped Serum Lofi Hip Hop 2 Essentials from W. A. Production gives you an incredible collection of Serum presets with the buttery smoothness you'll recognize in the best tracks in the genre. Grab these sounds to add some real weight to your productions -- what are you waiting for?

Included are presets from the following sample packs:

♪ What about: Lofi Illusion 2
♪ What about: Lofi Cinematic & Movie

Product details: 104 Serum Presets



By longu

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